Imadeddin Nasimi

Imadeddin Nasimi (1369-1417)

The works of this great poet, are somewhat the next great step towards the world, humanism and democracy not only in the literature of Azerbaijan people but also that of the Near and the Middle East. Imadeddin Nasimi, after his predecessor Nizami Genjevi, is known as one of the publicists, messenger of ideas of humanism, philanthropy in our literature. While people wanted to relax after several-decade Mongolian oppression, Amir Teymur, the famous conflicting ruler of middle century East, starts his attacks and thus the new stream of protesting the cruelty and the violence starts. The creativity of Nasimi is the result of such humanist protest, of opposition to cruelty and violence, of the struggle for human rights. The ideas of Hurufism used by the poet was something like facing. The works of Nasimi released from that facing today amaze the modern reader with the deep humanist plot, the wealth of respect and love to a human. Different from other hurufists, wrote their works in a special coded language, firstly from his teacher Fazlullah Naimi, the purpose of Nasimi was to protest cruelty and violence in his native language, thus calling people to hate anti-human attitude, to strengthen the wave of protection. His idea of a wise man raised to the level of the divine, was dedicated to simple people realized their human rights, free from social ugliness and wild instincts, realized himself as a person. Not only the creativity of Nasimi but also the whole his life surrounded by legend and tale is a school of courage and bravery, insistence on one's ideas, the fearlessness of death for a generation. The terrible punish given to the poet by reactionary priests for his freedom-loving humanist works-stripping off the skin while alive, made this great artist a model to the modern generation, as well as future one.


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