The latest update on the frontline

The situation along the frontline has remained tense throughout 4 April evening and 5 April 2016 night. 
The Armenian side realizes that their attempt to return the lost positions on Khojavand-Fizuli and Aghdara-Tartar directions won't be successful and therefore continues to fire at residential areas close to the frontline.
The HQ of the strategically important military base in Madagiz, which is located on the main road to Aghdara and to the north of it and is one of the big bases in this direction, has been completely destroyed with an accurate fire strikes.
On 4 April evening hours, 3 main battle tanks and their crews holding stronghold defensive positions and located in trenches for all-round firing, have been destroyed with a suppressive fire. 
In order to minimize damages caused to our residential areas from the opposite side, our units on Khojavand-Fizuli direction annihilated 2 enemy tanks and their crew, as well as 5 wheeled vehicles loaded with military equipment. 
In total, Armenians have had another up to 70 casualties and lost up to 20 of its military hardware as a result of operations and response fire strikes conducted throughout 4 April and till the morning of 5 April. 
During the last two days, along the frontline, 16 servicemen of our Armed Forces have been fallen with heroism and courage during the fights with an enemy.
The leadership of the Ministry of Defence extends its condolences and wishes patience to the families and relatives of the martyrs.
At present, our Armed Forces take appropriate measures in order to maintain operational superiority succeeded in the frontline.

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