Appeals of the pupils which are living on the front line

Hi,    I  live  in  Zobucug   village  of  Fuzuli  district.   My  name  is Alamdar. I study in 9 class at school number 39. Armenians  are shooting very  often.  On  4th  July  2  people  were  killed    in  Alixanli  village  of Fuzuli district.  and 1 person  was seriously  injured.  We are   afraid.  We wish peace always. Let be peace Not war!.


Alamdar, 14 years old

My name is Rafiga. I study in 9th class. I live in Zobucuq village for refugees from occupied  villages ofFuzuli. We hear sounds of shooting every day. We don't  want anybody's death.  Let Allah not to show us any children  's death. We want peace, not war. On 4th July the woman and her granddaughter were killed by Armenians.  They were innocent. We know our soldiers protect us. We want live in our motherland!!!


Rafiga, 11 years old

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