On November 2, 2017 year Ambassador Gudsi Osmanov met with the Minister of the Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Alexandru Jizdan. Minister Aleksandru Jizdan welcomed Ambassador and discussed about the existing relations of friendly and partnership between our countries

Minister mentioned that for the first time in the last 26 years, on November 15-16 of this year, will be held the official visit of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova to Azerbaijan. Jizdan noted that it is a pleasure for him to trawel to Azerbaijan and at the same time he is emphasized that Azerbaijan's experience in ensuring the security of the country is  interesting for the Moldovan side. Ambassador Gudsi Osmanov expressed his gratitude to the Minister for the warm welcome and the warm attitude towards our country and remembered that after his appointing to Moldova his first meeting was with the Minister of Interior Affairs.

Emphasizing the stability and security in the Moldovan community, the ambassador assessed it as a successful service of the Moldova's Internal Ministry. At the same time, the ambassador hopes that the minister's visit to Azerbaijan in the coming days would serve to more active development of relations between Moldova and Azerbaijan. Jizdan  told Moldovian's political stability is relatively stable comparing with 2016, and the crime rate in the country has diminished, and also mentioned that Moldova is a sourse of the security in the region. At the same time, the minister underlined the strong government policy pursued by the ruling Democratic Party in the country and noted that the government was primarily interested in peace and stability in the country. The parties has exchanged views on the issues of mutual interest.

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