Moldova Business Week 2018

On 27-29 November in Moldova was held 5th edition of the “Moldova Business Week” conference-an annual platform for information and best practices ecchange. It will serve as ground for the country^s economic development policies implementation andpresent the global trends to which the Republic of Moldova is aligning. “Moldova Business Week” is one of the most important events for promoting the iage of the country at international level, intensifying and imroving the dialoguebetween the public and private sector, increasing the competitiveness of the local companies, promoting export and foreign investments. “Moldova Business Week 2018” V edition will strengthen the efforts of the Government of Moldova to support business and develop an attractive investment climate for the national and international business community. The Agenda of the Conference includes the presentation of sectoral policies and progress, complemented by interactive communication tools: bilateral forums, study visits, networking sessions, retail/distribution workshops, exhbitions. For the first time, the tourism sector will be on the agenda, rising to global trends in country branding.

In 2018 under the aegis of the Unthe Republic of Moldova became the “World Capital of Wine Tourism” and host of the 3rd edition of the Global Conference of Wine Tourism, a success which remarkably strengthened Moldova^s position on the global touristic map.

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