A series of events were organised in Moldova on the occasion of 27 September - Remembrance Day

September 27 was established as a commemorative day in the Republic of Azerbaijan by decree of President Ilham Aliyev on December 2, 2020, as a sign of deep respect for Azerbaijani soldiers and officers who fought heroically in the war and raised the Azerbaijani flag on Azerbaijani lands liberated from occupation.

On this occasion, in the square of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Moldova, an event was organized with the participation of guests such as: the deputy of the Action and Solidarity Party, Pancu Maria, the political expert Ruslan Shevcenco, the founder and president of the Youth Movement "Followers of Ștefan", Roibu Dumitru and representatives of the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Moldova, as well as the society of young students of Moldova, both local and Azerbaijani.

During the event, those present honoured the memory of the Azerbaijani martyrs with a minute's silence and laid flowers at the bust of Heydar Aliyev and also at the Patriotic War memorial in the embassy square.

PAS deputy Maria Pancu greeted the participants in Azerbaijani and paid tribute to the martyrs who gave their lives for the Motherland. On behalf of the Moldovan people, she also expressed solidarity with the Azerbaijani people, wishing peace and calmity to Azerbaijan, noting that the Moldovan people detest Armenia's provocative actions towards Azerbaijan and that the Republic of Moldova fully supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Gudsi Osmanov, thanked all those present for this sign of solidarity with the Azerbaijani people. He also thanked the society of young students of Moldova for showing interest in the history of Azerbaijan. The Ambassador mentioned that the Azerbaijani army restored historical justice under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev following the 44-day Patriotic War and spoke about the major restoration and construction works currently underway in the Karabakh region. Speaking about Azerbaijan's activities aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the region, the Ambassador stressed that Armenia's recent challenges are an obstacle to this process. Finally, G. Osmanov brought to the attention of the participants of the event the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 27 September - the Day of Remembrance in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Political expert Ruslan Shevchenko discussed the timeline from the beginning of the conflict to the present. Highlighting Armenia's aggressive policy and inhumane actions towards the Azerbaijani people. Pointing out that the Azerbaijani side has tried to resolve the conflict peacefully, based on international law, but many soldiers and civilians have been killed as a result of Armenian provocations over the years. He noted that the patience of the Azerbaijani people has run out. Ruslan Shevchenko said that the unconstructive activity of the Armenian authorities created a permanent obstacle to the peaceful resolution of the conflict, and this process led to a 44-day war that ended with Azerbaijan's victory two years ago.

Dumitru Roibu recalled his visit to Azerbaijan a few years ago and talked about the great value Azerbaijanis have for the Karabakh region. In 2021 visiting Azerbaijan he witnessed sad scenes following the Armenian attack on Ganja.

At the event, Maarif Rahimov, representative of the Azerbaijani Congress of Moldova, took the floor and recalled with sorrow the events in Azerbaijan's history, marking the crimes against humanity committed against the Azerbaijani people, saying that all Azerbaijanis should remember this important part of history, noting the crucial importance of informing the younger generation about the strength and heroism of Azerbaijan.

As a continuation of the event, a conference dedicated to the Day of Remembrance was held where students and young people spoke and exchanged views on the historical aspects of the 30-year conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the reconstruction work in the cities liberated from Armenian occupation and Azerbaijan's continued efforts in peace building.

The event held in front of the Embassy included a photo exhibition dedicated to 27 September - the Day of Remembrance in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the youth conference held with the help of the "We" news portal. Visitors to the exhibition were given explanatory information about the photos and their questions were answered.

Information about 27 September - Remembrance Day was published in Romanian and Russian in the media of the Republic of Moldova.

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