Moldovan and Azerbaijani youth actively establish contacts, exchange information, and will expand cooperation in the future


An important event aimed for further development of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Moldova’s youth took place on November 10 in the National Library of Moldova.

During the meeting, representatives of the leadership of the youth association of the leading party of Azerbaijan - "New Party of Azerbaijan", activists of the student senates of the main universities of Moldova, young people from the Azerbaijani Congress of Moldova and Azerbaijani students and young members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova exchanged views and practices.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Moldova Gudsi Osmanov said in his greeting message that about 40 Azerbaijani students are studying in Moldova and expressed his gratitude to the universities management for their patient and caring attitude towards them. The diplomat urged the young people of the two countries to share their knowledge and experience, be friends and cooperate for a peaceful common future.  

The Director of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, Elena Pentelei, described such events as part of cultural diplomacy and stressed the importance and symbolism of holding them in the library. 

Vitalie Jacot, member of the Parliament of the Republic of Modova, said in his speech that great efforts are currently being made in all spheres to strengthen relations between Moldova and Azerbaijan. "Young people are the future of our countries. Such events allow to lay the foundations of close cooperation between the two countries", stressed Mr. Jacot.

Advisor to the Prime Minister on human rights and interethnic relations Nicolae Radita noted the importance of respecting and preserving the traditions of national minorities, including the Azerbaijani community living in Moldova.

Bakhtiyar Islamov, head of the youth association "New Party of Azerbaijan", spoke to the participants of the meeting about youth policy in Azerbaijan, projects and activities implemented in this sphere. He noted the great potential and unlimited opportunities for cooperation between young people of the two countries, which can be continued in the future at other levels. Bakhtiyar Islamov invited young activists to visit Azerbaijan in the near future.

The Director of the Baku Youth Centre, Nargiz Babayeva, thanked the organisers of the event for the opportunity offered to young people from the two countries to socialise, mentioning the good practices of youth centres in Azerbaijan.

The young member of the Moldovan Parliament, Marcela Nistor, urged young people to be open, communicable and to develop themselves multilaterally, achieving personal targets. She expressed her readiness for bilateral cooperation with colleagues from Azerbaijan.

The event aimed to enable young people from the two countries to get to know each other, establish links and exchange information with a view to further cooperation.



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