Moldova commemorated 32 years since the January 20 tragedy

On January 20 , the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Moldova together with the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Moldova (CAM) organised a commemorative ceremony dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the January 20 tragedy.

Numerous Azerbaijanis living in Moldova, representatives of national communities, public figures, media representatives, students and young people attended the ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the bloody January tragedy and the memory of the martyrs who died on the way to Azerbaijan's independence.
The national anthem of Azerbaijan was sung at the beginning of the ceremony. Then the participants honoured the memory of the fallen with a minute of silence.

The President of the Azerbaijani Congress of Moldova, Elchin Bayramov, members of the Azerbaijani community who were present at the tragedy on January 20  addressed the audience and shared their memories of that terrible night. Their speeches highlighted the importance of preserving the memory of the January 20 tragedy by the younger generation. It was also pointed out that throughout its history, Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people have been subjected to severe challenges, one of the challenges for Azerbaijan being the 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenian armed forces.

However, as the speakers noted, the Azerbaijani people have once again proved their determination, steadfastness and strength. In 2020, in response to renewed aggression, thanks to the wise leadership of Supreme Commander President Ilham Aliyev, the strength and courage of the Azerbaijani army and the unity of the people, the 30-year Armenian occupation was ended, Azerbaijani lands were liberated and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was restored. In conclusion, it was pointed out that January 20, 1990 was the beginning of the national unity of the Azerbaijani people, which was further strengthened after the victory in the Patriotic War.

Afterwards, participants laid flowers at the stand dedicated to the tragedy of January 20 and were introduced to the exhibition in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy dedicated to the bloody events of January 20 .

The event was widely covered in the Moldovan media.
An article by Azerbaijani Ambassador Gudsi Osmanov was also published in the Moldovan press in Romanian and Russian, dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the January 20  tragedy. 



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