29.11.2017-ci il tarixində Kiyev şəhərində QDİƏT-in PA-nın 25 illiyinə həsr olunmuş iclas keçirilmişdir.

.        We,  the  members  of  the  Parliamentary  Assembly  of  the  Black  Sea  Economic

Cooperation (PABSEC), gathered in Kyiv, on 29 November 2017, on the occasion of





the 50t

PABSEC General Assembly, jointly welcome with this Declaration the 25t

anniversary of the PABSEC, which will be celebrated on 26 February 2018.


  1. The establishment   of   PABSEC   in   1993  opened  a  new  chapter   for   regional interparliamentary cooperation. 25 years ago in the BSEC framework peoples in the region were given  the  opportunity  to make a  move for change  and construct the common future in the wider Black Sea region given its strategic location at major trade, transport and energy routes.


  1. We are pleased  to  note  that  PABSEC  has  become the  important  and  influential regional parliamentary platform, which discusses topical issues for enhancing cooperation in the region with the aim to meet common goals and principles of the Declaration of the Istanbul Summit (1992), the Bosphorus Statement (1992) and the Declaration on the Establishment of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (1993).


  1. We declare our full support  for  the action  taken  by the BSEC  to develop  closer economic cooperation  in the  region and,  in this regard, we welcome the Istanbul Summit Declaration on the occasion of the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation adopted by the Heads of State and Government of the Organization  of the BSEC on 22 May 2017 and the PABSEC  Declaration on the Twenty   Fifth   Anniversary   of   the   Organization   of   the   Black   Sea  Economic Cooperation adopted at the 49th PABSEC General Assembly in Istanbul on 5 July


  1. In pursuit of the goals of economic growth and common prosperity the PABSEC has upheld the spirit of parliamentary diplomacy based on the universally accepted principles  of   equality,   mutual   respect,   openness,   flexibility,   pragmatism,   and consensus building.


  1. During the 25 years of its existence the PABSEC accomplished considerable work on the implementation of the priority tasks and objectives of the regional cooperation; approximation of the national laws and sharing of legislative experience; development and application of principles, rules and procedures of international and national laws in specific areas, with the aim to better achieve outlined objectives and measurable results at the national, regional and global levels.


  1. The PABSEC took many important initiatives in order to involve new actors in the BSEC process for greater regional coherence within the framework of cooperation at the level of the local authorities, public television and radio broadcasting companies, constitutional courts, as well as children's and youth festivals.


  1. Acknowledging the  need  for  parliamentary  support  for  the  BSEC  activities,  the Assembly  elaborated  about   160  recommendations  on  topical  issues  related  to practically all areas of cooperation in the region. The PABSEC committees - the Economic, Commercial, Technological and Environmental Affairs Committee, the Legal and Political Affairs Committee and the Culture, Education and Social Affairs Committee - pay special attention to taking the necessary measures to fully implement the recommendations adopted by the Assembly.


  1. The dedication  of  the  national  delegations  and  their  constructive  attitude  to  the achievement of shared objectives generates their immense contribution to the work of the  Assembly.  We  look  forward  to  redoubling  these  efforts  in  the  future.  It is therefore imperative for the member parliaments to find new driving forces to achieve breakthroughs on bottlenecks and to ensure enhanced cooperation and coordination to meet the major challenges in the region.


  1. We stress  the  important  role  of  the  PABSEC  International   Secretariat  in  its professional assistance  as an added value in implementing the tasks and priorities agreed upon by the decisions and recommendations of the General Assembly with the aim to consolidate and advance regional economic cooperation.


  1. We need to  seek  for  strengthening  the  synergy  and  complementarity  with  other regional and international fora in the framework of their mandate to enable a more effective partnership. Such efforts will pave the way towards more efficient solution of existing problems and greater multilateral cooperation in the region. We emphasize our interest in further expanding the existing cooperation with international parliamentary assemblies and in establishing new relations with other international and regional organizations.

were many compromises along the way and we are full of confidence in taking further steps to bring our cooperation at a qualitatively new level. Today we need more determination and commitment in order to multiply positive implications of the past achievements and to accomplish programmes of economic cooperation by means of broader exchange of views and opinions at all levels.


  1. We recognize that more productive and closer coordination between the PABSEC and the Organization of the BSEC is a priority to ensure sustainable development and increased welfare in the region. It is necessary to duly review and renew our cooperation and discuss development of new methods in order to fully harness the potential of the Member States.


  1. The PABSEC  underlines  the  importance of  greater  coordination  with  the  BSEC Business Council, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank and the International Centre for Black Sea Studies for securing broader public participation in decision­ making process.


  1. We emphasize the valuable contribution ofthe PABSEC observers and partners to the work of the Assembly, the close cooperation with various Parliamentary Assemblies, and the importance of the initiatives by the PABSEC Special Representatives aiming at enhancing the Black Sea cooperation by engaging new stakeholders. In a world of burgeoning global and regional economic cooperation institutions, it is necessary to pursue new and innovative ways to achieve targeted objectives and continue to keep up with the global economic processes.


  1. We intend to further involve civil society to play more active role in advancing democracy and strengthening social cohesion in the region. We likewise welcome the active participation   of   private  sector   representatives   in  this  process,  and  are committed to building a closer and broader interaction.


  1. The PABSEC has established a mechanism for viable cooperation with business community on wide range of issues and fully appreciates their role in enhancing economic cooperation and in advancing the BSEC Economic Agenda.


  1. We are determined  to continue  the development  path suitable  for each  member's specific circumstances. It is necessary to enhance policy coordination and experience exchange for narrowing the gaps and achieving common objectives through practical cooperation and mutual assistance.


  1. We recognise that the parliamentary contribution to promoting economic growth and better understanding between the peoples form the basis for friendship and mutual understanding, paving the way towards effective response to common challenges.


  1. Economic progress and sustainable development are based on stability, which in tum requires lasting peace and security. To this end we encourage the Member States and

secure peace and security, to promote dialogue as a factor of peace-building.


  1. We are deeply concerned over the lasting conflicts in the BSEC area, undermining peace, stability and cooperation at regional and global levels, affecting social stability and hampering economic development of the Member States. We believe .that these conflicts should be resolved on the basis of full respect for the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of the BSEC Member States and declare that it is necessary to facilitate the restoration of the territorial integrity of the BSEC states recognized by international organizations, such as the UN, OSCE, PACE and EP, as illegally annexed.


  1. We reaffirm our support for the reform of the PABSEC with the aim to strengthen its organisational and institutional capacity. At present, when the Black Sea region has embarked on the path of deepening economic and trade cooperation in the region, the Parliamentary  Assembly   has  decided  to  qualitatively   increase  its  role  at  the international arena in order to contribute more effectively to enhancing contacts and cooperation with regional and international organizations.


  1. In this regard, in June 2015, the Declaration on the Strengthening of the PABSEC Status was adopted, which states that "increased political significance of regional parliamentary organizations and the entailing need to fully unlock the potential of the PABSEC as a platform for effective inter-parliamentary dialogue necessitates strengthening of the status of the PABSEC and its transformation into an international parliamentary organization".


  1. Today, celebrating our successes, we need to envision the future prospects. We are fully committed to strengthening the profile of the Assembly as the interparliamentary forum for  supporting  future  cooperation  based  on  mutual  trust  and  respect  of universally accepted principles of international law.


  1. We declare that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation continues to support the strengthening of regional architecture towards securing the peace, prosperity  and stability  in the wider Black Sea  region.  Despite the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in the region, we are united by common values and traditions. We are proud of this and believe that peace, harmony and strengthening of the   dialogue   between   cultures   and   religions   contribute   to   enhancing   shared responsibility for the region as a whole. To this end, we are ready to take joint steps in the spirit of friendship and international understanding for the benefit of present and future generations.

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